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Iza Wealth Offshore Trusts

Offshore Trusts

At Iza Wealth, we specialise in helping clients establish and review new and existing offshore trust structures. An offshore trust can be an excellent vehicle for holding a wide range of asset classes, letting you plan and structure your affairs to allow for efficient tax and estate planning, as well as guaranteeing asset protection.

As there are numerous pitfalls associated with offshore trust structuring, we can help ensure that the true establishment intention is being met in an efficient and cost-effective way. In an ever-changing trust, regulatory and tax environment, Iza Wealth can assist clients in the following areas:

  • Establishing Offshore Trusts.
  • Reviewing existing Trust structures to ensure the true intention is being met.
  • Maximising investment returns in the most cost and tax efficient manner.
  • Understanding Common Reporting Standards (CRS) and its implications.
  • How best to meet your Trust objective – Estate/ Tax/Retirement planning.
  • How best to reduce cost and structure complexity.
  • Voluntary disclosure programme assistance.

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