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Investment Approach

At Iza Wealth, we use a rigorous approach to the analysis, selection and investment into global assets. We work by the saying, “No one has a monopoly on good ideas.” That’s why we work with leading international fund managers to develop and manage our clients’ portfolios.

This approach allows us to hold a range of high quality investments across a variety of asset classes and investment styles, allowing us to offer our clients diversified portfolios that are uniquely suited to their individual needs. It also means we’re able to adjust our asset holdings at short notice without impacting our clients, should there be a strategic portfolio adjustment or a significant change in market conditions.

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Investment Process

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Investment Process

Iza Wealth Investment Approach

Investment Philosophy

At Iza Wealth we’re an independent, research-based investment house that follows a best of breed investment selection process, focusing on offering clients access to the best global asset managers and investment funds. We believe that the investment process starts with identifying an appropriate strategic asset allocation and risk budget for each investment solution. Through our robust portfolio construction process, we’re able to optimise investment styles by using a combination of active and passive investments, from both large and boutique global asset managers. By following a focused, forward looking risk management process and an innovative investment style and cycle analysis technique, we’re able to guide clients and assist them in achieving their investment goals both now and for the future.

The true value of investing in our solutions lies in our ability to invest in the best global fund managers that consistently generate market beating returns for our clients through various economic and market cycles. Our investment philosophy focuses on active managers that invest in defensive asset classes, which aim to preserve capital and compound capital returns to investors over time.

Once a robust core portfolio is established, we focus on researching and understanding key optimal satellite fund managers to include in our portfolios. When analysing satellite managers, we ensure that fund managers are correlated to one another, have a well-structured investment philosophy, and a robust investment team to make sure that our clients are invested with the best global active managers and strategies.

The true asset of an investment management business is the team behind the solutions. Our investment committee is made up of an experienced professional team from Iza Capital Partners which utilises leading global fund manager research and global portfolio construction techniques. Iza Capital Partners is a licensed Mauritian entity regulated by the FSC and holds a GBC1 Discretionary licence.


Investment Committee

The role of the Investment Committee is to:

  • Review and research global markets and economic indicators through quantitative analysis.
  • Select, review & research best-in-class fund managers.
  • Formulate and review client portfolios as per their individual mandates.

Our Internal Investment Committee is chaired by John Rose.

John Rose - CA (SA)


John Rose completed his articles at KPMG in 1998 and since has worked across industry sectors with 3 years spent in retail financial management. John has 7 years of extensive experience in the healthcare sector, where he has performed as deal maker, corporate financier and fulfilled roles in both Financial and Managing directorship. John’s move into financial services was with Waring’s as Group FD in 2008, where he headed up Structured and Group Finance. Waring’s move to KZN in 2011 prompted John to start his own Offshore Wealth Management company. John serves as Director leading the Offshore Wealth Management team at Iza Wealth.


Investment Model

Iza Wealth Investment Model

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